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The "Makeshift Marketing" campaign narrative communicated the daily struggle of marketers having too many tools to manage their projects, and that CoSchedule could be their solution.

I worked on the marketing team to create "Mia the Marketer" and to tell her story of how CoSchedule solved her and her team's marketing woes.


Makeshift Marketing Campaign



Blog Graphics


The CoSchedule Blog is a large part of their top-of-funnel marketing. It was my job as the graphic designer to work with a writer, take their content, and make it digestible at a glance. I have a lot of visual freedom to ensure each blog has a visual brand of its own. This resulted in blogs having unique colors and illustration styles that keep the readers coming back for more!


Agile Marketing Guide


CoSchedule is a product that goes hand-in-hand with Agile Marketing. If you're not familiar with Agile, it is an approach to planning, executing, and measuring projects and campaigns that's based around rapid iteration and data-backed decision making. As a master of Agile, CoSchedule created a guide to help marketing teams adopt it.

I was tasked to create a visual brand for this guide. I decided to merge the teamwork aspect of Agile with the quick paced decision making, resulting in an energy-filled sports theme.

My Agile Marketing Illustrations-12.png
Website_Agile Marketing-10.jpg
Website_Agile Marketing-01.jpg
Website_Agile Marketing-02.jpg
Website_Agile Marketing-03.jpg
Website_Agile Marketing-04.jpg
Website_Agile Marketing-05.jpg
Website_Agile Marketing-06.jpg
My Agile Marketing Illustrations-11.png
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